19th Century Parisian ‘Hotel Particulier’

The first floor of this elegant hôtel particulier has been divided in 2 apartments and NIDO Architecture renovated an apartment with no kitchen, no bathrooms and no toilets. In order to keep 3 bedrooms, the kitchen was moved into the entrance, which was the main challenge. The kitchen has been treated as a convivial bar, without high cabinetry and with a booth area for family meals. Industrial suspended light fixtures were used to justify the stainless steel hood in contrast with the rich moulded ceiling. The counter is in a bright red paint and polished stainless steel, the kitchen is in wood and stainless steel. The original elegant volumes as well as the period features of the building were maintained while working with a contemporary design. The service stair was removed to create a bathroom which was built as a Bisazza glass tiles box (floor, walls and ceiling) in order to have a SPA atmosphere in contrast with the classical antique oak floor and plaster mouldings.

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