GBK Baker Street

Moreno Masey uses design to take the customer on a detective story of large and small scale clues woven into the building. Fabric banquettes taking a twist on tweed jackets, with alternating spacing in the leather banquette buttons and stitching create an undulation from the front to the rear of the restaurant.

Careful removal of layer upon layer of modern day finishes and fixtures from the building interiors sought to exposed original listed period feature brickwork and rendered plaster arches, as a narrative journey to reveal the history of the built structure. This is complemented on the opposite side of the building by an unravelling geometric pattern on the wallpaper finishes, while a timber cladding pattern follows a similar large scale weave pattern.

At the rear of the restaurant high level poser tables and banquettes sought to create a lively atmosphere in and around the feature bar, completed in a morse code tiling pattern, enrich what was previously a poorly lit and underutilised area. A selection of new and old pendant fittings are paired across the space with colour accents continued on the lights, tables and chairs unifying the scheme that offers variety to the dining experience.

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