Le Nuage

In Port Marianne, a new contemporary neighbourhood in Montpellier, Philippe Starck has created the first ‘inflatable’ private building in Europe. Le Nuage (‘the cloud’) houses, in a 275 sq m translucent “bubble”, the latest technologies and services dedicated to health, sports, well-being and conviviality, inflated by 700 bar around a hard structure made of EFTE (an ultra-strong fluorine-based plastic). Conceived by Starck as a fun and accessible space open to everyone, the building has five levels, each one built around ‘micro cubic’ architecture in different materials that relate to each function: plastic for the beauty cabins, aluminium for the shops, translucent curtains for the relaxation spaces. Promoting the idea of the space as an easygoing social place, each level is designated as a ‘village’. The Village Place on the ground floor accommodates a restaurant, a nail bar and a beauty space, shops and pop-up stores. The Health Village on the first floor is all about health and well-being with a doctor, a dietitian, an osteopath, a dentist (and a day nursery). The Aquatic Village on the second floor boasts a 16m-long swimming pool, sauna and hammam, while the third and fourth levels have two large spaces for personal training supervised by coaches, and rooms equipped with all the latest fitness devices. Le Nuage is open 7 days a week from 7am to 11pm – all the time in the world to polish up your shape.

Photography: Roxim


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