Villa Kogelhof

This 715 sq m lateral villa in Noord-Beveland, the Netherlands, ‘floats’ over a rectangular pond. Designed by Paul de Ruiter Architects, it consists of an above-ground volume stacked over a hidden underground space that contains the entrance, parking area, storage, bathroom and a workspace. The main upper level has an entirely glass facade and is mostly open plan, with internal spaces separated by subtle glass room dividers. The villa is extremely energy efficient, with the façade making an important contribution: the outer layer of clear insulated glass is combined with an inner layer of sun-reflecting fabric that can be rolled up and unrolled. When the fabric is lowered, an air cavity is formed in which the air from the villa is extracted of a central ventilation system. The house is heated by a central heating system in combination with an air pump.

Main contractor: Bouwbedrijf Van de Linde

Landscape architect: Bosch Slabbers

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