Villa Röling

Designed for clients who are passionate art collectors, Villa Röling’s aim is to do justice to its owners’ collection of paintings and sculptures. Architects Paul de Ruiter didn’t want to compromise of the views of lake Westeinderplas (in the central Netherlands) either, however, and so created a home of contrasts – a transparent glass volume overlooking the lake and the garden, with a wooden box on top for the works of art. The overhanging top volume acts as a sun-screen, creating shade on the east, west and south side of the villa. Inside, the ground floor consists of a series of museum-like ordered spaces, offering varying views of the lake and the surroundings, while the floor above is pierced with several large openings. A central void with skylight above it unites the two floors and allows daylight to penetrate the building.

Main contractor: Van Scheppingen Bouw

Landscape design: Copijn

Photography: Pieter Kers

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