Zlin Cultural Centre

The new Cultural Centre designed by Eva Jiricna Architects accompanies the recently completed University Library for the City of Zlin. The foundations mirror the former school, surrounding the memorial to Tomas Masaryk, a Czech national hero. The new buildings have been designed to respect the site, introducing 21st century architecture whilst harmonising with the traditional landscape of Zlin. The Cultural Centre consists of two levels of underground parking, a main auditorium seating 850 with a smaller one of 80 seats, three levels of associated facilities and a restaurant for 150 diners.

The external glazed façade is a response to the micro-environment. With the North Western elevation facing a busy main road, a secondary series of acoustic screens consisting of glass and concrete act as a baffle, whilst the remaining façade consists of external solar louvres. The roof has an exo-skeleton containing the environmental plant, this being covered in a fine stressed stainless steel mesh which performs both venting and screening, since it can be observed from above.

Photography: Richard Davies

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