The London Edition: Alien and Edwardian

In barely three years, Ian Schrager’s  The London EDITION has cemented its reputation as one of the city’s pre-eminent design hotels. Located just a few metres down the street from his iconic Sanderson hotel Berners Street, which opened in 2000 and coming under the expanding brand EDITION Hotels, it’s the flagship for a new collaboration between Ian Schrager and Marriott hotels. Recent openings include New York, Miami Beach and Sanya, China, with 11 new hotels in global capitals due to open within the next three years.

Who designed The London EDITION?

Iconic hotelier and entrepreneur Ian Schrager was responsible for transforming the Grade II listed Georgian building, with Belle Epoque Edwardian interiors, into a contemporary hotel, while preserving as much as possible of the unique look and feel of the building.

Ian Schrager The London Edition Hotel

The much-eulogised, Michelin-starred Berners’ Tavern © Nikolas Koenig

What is the history of the building?

Originally built in 1835 as five extravagant Georgian townhouses, the buildings were combined to form the Berners Hotel in 1908, at the height of the grandeur of the Edwardian Era.  The sumptuous interiors, lavishly decorated with marble and intricate carved ceilings, are superb Grade II-listed examples of Belle Époque extravagance at its very finest.

The London EDITION is perhaps closest in feel to Gramercy Park in New York, with its wood-paneled walls, dramatic lighting and spectacular art collection. It’s not afraid to mix the listed nineteenth century interiors with modern design.

Ian Schrager The London Edition Hotel

Berners Tavern features an incredible art collection and a spectacular chandelier that melds contemporary and Edwardian styling © Nikolas Koenig

Which designers are featured?

Find pieces by design icons such as the Ingo Maurer polished silver globe light, hovering like a spaceship over the entrance, which was a unique commission, to the understated Christian Liaigre black metal furniture and lighting.

Bedrooms resemble a wood-paneled English study with built-in wooden desks, handmade tufted lounge chairs and sofas from British designer George Smith.

Ian Schrager The London Edition Hotel

Bedrooms resemble the most luxurious of studies © Nikolas Koenig

Which artists were commissioned to make work for The London EDITION?

Trompe l’oeil contemporary art illustrates the bedrooms, with a Hendrik Kerstens photograph in a gold-leaf frame in every room, which at first glance gives the impression of a gilt-framed Dutch master painting.

A custom reproduction tapestry depicting one of Louis XV Gobelin Tapestries scenes dating from 1773, with a is a 3D digital artwork, “Portal”, created by the Korean artist Chul Hyun Ahn.

What is the most exceptional feature of the hotel?

Perhaps the most successful element is Berners Tavern, the contemporary restaurant run by executive Chef Jason Atherton. Berners Street was home to Charles Dickens’ mother and mistress during the nineteenth century, and perhaps the tavern is a nod to this Victorian past.

At first glance, Berners Tavern resembles a 19th century salon, with a huge collection of portraits, landscapes and still lifes arranged around the 18-foot high walls, but this illusion was created by Trunk Archive, who mixed together contemporary painting and photography to make it resemble a private collection (Trunk Archive work with iconic and established photographers such as Arthur Elgort, Tessa Traeger, Ellen von Unworth and Martyn Thompson).

The Ingo Maurer polished silver globe light hovers like a spaceship over the entrance © Nikolas Koenig

The Ingo Maurer polished silver globe light hovers like a spaceship over the entrance © Nikolas Koenig




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