House C

In Italy’s Veneto region, architect Giorgio Zaetta designed his house for an entrepreneur couple with three school-age children. It presents two faces: the street-facing side is shielded by a metal-clad wall while the side facing rural views has a huge panoramic window – 5x3m of glass – to embrace the scenery. The main kitchen and dining room are symbolically situated in the centre of the house, and divide the sleeping area from the living area; bathrooms are in the metal-clad portion of the house, top-lit by skylights. The architect designed the Corian washbasins, furniture and accessories in the bathrooms, including a sleek built-in bath; a Corian dining table was also custom-made to his specification. Teak terraces wrap around the building, one with a built-in fireplace that can be seen from both inside and out.

Photography: Alberto Ferrero

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