Residence in Hydra

The simple shelter of Zoumboulakis family on the island of Hydra is full of little surprises with first and foremost the excellent sunset views.

The vacation house designed by architect Theodore Zoumboulakis constitutes an interesting combination of traditional and contemporary elements. The residence is built on the beach of the quiet Vlychos village by handsomely, basic materials such as exposed concrete, cement and stone.  The house consists of two volumes – one white and one coated with stone – that come together and are incorporated to the rocky nature of the island. On the outdoor space, a thoroughly sloppy garden with wild shrubs, olive trees, lavender and rosemary gives the feeling of natural vegetation.

A wooden fence protects the privacy during summer when the life of the house is transferred to the terraces. The entire building is based on the architectural tradition of Hydra with references to the Present as evidenced by the rusty metal indoor ladder, reminiscent of a ship’s hold.

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