Surrey Hills Country Mansion

Dating from 1901, this large Edwardian property is rooted in the Arts and Crafts movement. Working closely with the architect to ensure space was used to maximum effect, Maurizio Pellizzoni extended the original building to add a new double-height formal room, Orangery, three extra bathrooms and walk-in wardrobe for the master bedroom. The client was keen to incorporate existing pieces of furniture from various family trips abroad into the new design. These pieces were distributed amongst the rooms in the house, and used as the inspiration behind each room’s individual colour scheme and feel, creating an eclectic yet personal overall design aesthetic. MP completely redesigned the kitchen alongside a local expert kitchen maker, sourcing the perfect finishing touches like the custom made Carrara worktop for the kitchen. Particular attention was paid to such final details throughout the property in order to achieve a high-level of elegance and sophistication in the design, such as the beautifully crafted door handles by Charles Edwards. Ralph Lauren, de Le Cuona and  Andrew Martin furniture and fabrics were also used throughout to create an air of luxurious refinement, while complementing the client’s existing pieces.

Photography: Jake FitzJones

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