This boutique hotel in northern Sweden is completely out of the ordinary: each of its five ‘rooms’ is actually a self-contained tree house, supported by living pines in the unspoiled forests of Harads near Luleå in northern Sweden. The brainchild of Kent and Britta Lindvall, they asked four of Scandinavia’s most original architects to come up with unique structures. The Bird’s Nest, designed by Inredningsgruppen’s Bertil Harstrom, is covered in branches like the lair of some strange beast. In contrast, Harstrom’s UFO is utterly alien, a 1950s spaceship hovering in the woods. Thomas Sandell’s Blue Cone is neither blue nor a cone, and its bright red laminated birch exterior hides a delicately pale interior. The modular Cabin by Marten and Gustav Cyrén is like a cable car dropped into trees and features a superb viewing platform. Rintala Eggertsson Architects’ 22-tonne Dragonfly sleeps six and is supported by eight different trees, while Tham & Videgård’s enigmatic Mirrorcube disappears into the forest by reflecting it on all sides.

Summer photography: Peter Lundstrom, WDO

Winter photography: Fredrik Broman, Human Spectra

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