The Cinnamon Club

Originally established in 2001, The Cinnamon Club celebrated its 15th anniversary by reopening with a new look for its interiors, created by B3 Designers. Executive chef Vivek Singh’s “slice of old India” has been revived and enhanced, with B3 Designers bringing out the best in the grand, Grade II-listed building, which once housed Westminster Library. Soaring ceilings, elegant tables, shelves filled with antiquarian books and vintage wood panelling create a mood of club-like serenity; marble tabletops have been used in the main dining room to create an elegant ‘dressed’ appearance to the tables. The mezzanine area above the main dining space is now a striking blue, its walls adorned with artwork, and new banquette seating has been installed. More artwork can be found in the Library Bar, which features an eclectic mix of subjects, from old maps to photographs of the library in its formative years.

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