Oro Bianco: Extraordinary Interiors

London-based architectural interior design studio, Oro Bianco, specialises in creating extraordinary, hand-crafted interiors for super-prime properties across the world. It is renowned for creating standout designs in a classical style, beautifully crafted for modern, contemporary living – designs to truly last for generations.

We had the opportunity to put some questions to its two creative directors, Luigi Esposito and Stefania Mazzarini, to find out more about this exciting company.

How would you describe Oro Bianco within the context of the London interior design scene?

What sets us apart from other design studios is our ability to deliver understated, bespoke design solutions that enhance clients’ lifestyles and respect their cultural values. We always work to find the perfect balance of form and function, from re-imagining the footprint of a property at the outset of a project, through to applying the finest finishing touches on completion. It’s about understanding how our clients live, identifying areas where we can enhance their lifestyle and then having the know-how and expertise to deliver the finished result of their dreams.

Park Lane entrance hall

What services does Oro Bianco offer?

Our service is turnkey. Our clients are ultra-high net worth individuals and do not always have the time to oversee all aspects of a re-building or refurbishment project. That is why they work with us. We both have an architectural and design background, so we are able to envisage and then bring to life our clients’ design desires, in a respectful, unobtrusive, yet efficient and effective way. From the initial brief and building works, through to the addition of soft furnishings and art, we deal with every facet of a building project. This also includes any bureaucratic red tape that needs to be addressed, from dealing with a landlord, a council or a preservation society, to handling all external services. Our clients appreciate the fact that the team at Oro Bianco facilitates the whole process from day one.

How would you describe Oro Bianco’s style?

Our style is classic, but adapted to modern, contemporary living. We don’t believe in following a trend. The exceptional finish and longevity of our schemes comes down to the care of the design, quality of the build and the furnishings. Every aspect of the process is bespoke, designed to last generations. It’s this attention to detail and the level of trust they place in our skills, that has led our clients coming back to us time and again to refresh, build or refurbish new properties they add to their real estate portfolios.   When we create our designs, we love to reimagine and combine luxury materials, to produce unique finishes, of a quality rarely seen outside museums. Materials are sourced from every corner of the globe, to create our beautiful schemes – all of which are finished with meticulous attention to detail. For this reason, we work alongside a revered network of talented artisans, who are skilled in a myriad of crafts, even the most specialist kind. We have even revived rare Old World techniques, to ensure we are able to deliver the highest standards of design. These specialist crafts include decorative joinery, ornate cornicing and marquetry that deliver genuine artistry that can be passed down through generations. From the finest embossed silks and engraved leathers to the most opulent Églomisé glass and hand-painted wallpaper, from pietra dura stone floors to breath-taking tapestries, our aim is to redefine our clients’ perceptions of luxury, in order to astound and amaze. 

Park Lane top floor

Luigi and Stefania, tell us more about yourselves and how you work? 

S: I studied interior design at London’s Metropolitan University and completed a course at Chelsea College before moving to architects’ Francesco Draisci for 18 months. I then joined Casa Forma where I met Luigi and I joined him in his new business, when he set up Oro Bianco.

L: I always wanted to be involved in art and originally I painted and studied sculpture. This graduated into a fascination with architecture, as I began to see how beautifully art and architecture could work together. I qualified with a BA in architecture and urban design from the University Ritter Dos Reis, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, in Brazil, then I came to the UK and completed an advanced course in architecture and interior design at North London University, before working at Ralph Lauren, where I helped launch the Home Collections department. I then set up my own business, before co-founding Casa Forma. In 2011 I co-founded Oro Bianco with managing director Killian Lynch.

L & S: We’ve now worked together for so many years that we trust each other implicitly. We understand each other’s strengths and our styles and way of working complement each other perfectly. From meeting the clients, to creating the design concepts, we come as a team – right through to the dressing of the finished project. We know our clients value the fact that we are always both there working on every facet and each stage of the project.

Which designers do you admire?

L: Three that spring to mind are Anoushka Hempel, David Collins Studio and Alberto Pinto 

How has art influenced your style?

L: We love to work with clients that have extensive art collections and will liaise with art curators to properly understand each piece. When you think about incorporating art into a design scheme, it’s vital to consider the natural light of the room, the colours, the space, so that the artwork can be displayed in the best possible way. We also have excellent relationships with art galleries if clients ask us to source art.

S: With each of our schemes, we always consider the flexibility of each artwork; our clients like to rotate their art and so we always consider every wall in our design schemes, to ensure that each one is created in such a way that it can accommodate any piece of art, of any dimension and any colour.

What is Oro Bianco’s design vision for the future?

Good design is about connecting with your clients. You need to understand their background and culture, so that any design elements you add enable them to feel connected and comfortable in their home. There’s a new generation of wealth – who are better travelled and educated, who want to live in a home that has been carefully designed and developed especially for their lifestyle – that meets the demands of a hectic world. It’s the understated, bespoke solutions that will become the design criteria of the future.

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