Chedi Andermatt

Tucked away in the Swiss Alps, Chedi Andermatt in Andermatt is the first European property for the Asia-based luxury hotel chain Chedi. It’s part of a major revival for the village, which will eventually offer luxury apartments and chalets, golf course, shopping and leisure facilities. The five-star, five-floor hotel is highly contemporary but the pitch of the roof, materials, cladding, terraces and latticework etcetera, all echo the local vernacular. The chalet is a happy combination of the aesthetics of local Swiss design and service with the sophisticated feel that architect and designer Jean-Michel Gathy of Denniston is famous for – dramatic public spaces and large bedrooms made human with layering elements, lots of rich woods and clever lighting, superbs bathrooms and a striking inside/outside aesthetic that makes the most of the fabulous views. Did we mention the 2,400m2 spa?


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