Connection House

The unusual pattern on the roof of this house in Italy’s Piedmont region has a very contemporary purpose: to be visible on aerial and satellite photographs such as Google maps – making it a landmark building from above as well as from conventional angles. Connection House was designed by VMCF Atelier,  it sits on the edge of woodland and the pattern of its corrugated metal roof suggest the topography of cultivated fields. The building consists of two trapezoidal buildings of different heights, connected to one another to form three open spaces, reinterpreting the composition of open courtyard farmsteads seen locally. The rooms are mostly on a single level, with the exception of an attic in the living area and a loft in the sleeping area; access to the upper floor and to the roof is shielded by a screen of bamboo that softens the precision of the grey-painted exterior walls.

Photography: Alessandro Belgiojoso and Francesco Clemente

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