Green Orchard

A zero-carbon house in south Gloucestershire, set within landscaped gardens with spectacular views over the Severn Estuary by Paul Archer Design. The main living spaces and the master bedroom are located on the ground floor with direct access to the garden, while an excavated sunken level creates a second floor for additional bedrooms, ensuring a low-rise profile. The building’s outer skin is made from full-height panels made from aluminium-clad timber, which are motorised to slide open, allowing the occupants to control the thermal performance of the house depending on the time of the day and year. The mirrored aluminium also camouflages the structure in its surroundings. Thanks to its sustainable design, the only heat source is a single woodburning stove; water is supplied by a borehole, thermal solar panels on the roof yield heating for 80% of the house’s water, and photovoltaics supply the electricity.

Photography: Helen Fickling and Will Pryce

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